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Fresh Waves Carpet Cleaning Calgary believes in no hidden fees. We are committed to being your carpet cleaning company of choice for effective, efficient, and safe rug and carpet cleaning in Calgary and surrounding area.
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If you're conscientious about carpet cleaning and keeping them stain and odor-free, you know the value of professional carpet cleaning .

Unfortunately, carpet-cleaning scam artists will try to take advantage of homeowners with high-pressure sales tactics and gimmicks. 

Some companies have different levels of carpet cleaning options, such as "deep cleaning" that includes pre-spraying your carpet at a higher cost than a standard cleaning. What many customers don't realize is that the pre-spray is the solution that's needed to clean your carpet in the first place.

What they call standard carpet cleaning without pre-spray would be like washing your hair without shampoo. 



Other carpet cleaning companies right here in Calgary will promise to clean all your carpet for $99.00. Once inside your home, the price, instantaneously increases because you have extra thick carpet, your rooms are over 100 square feet, and you need a "special chemical" or you will not be happy with the carpet cleaning results. Regardless of what you agreed to over the phone, the price spirals out of control, and you find yourself paying for services you don't even need. 

The fix?  Ask if the price quote is guaranteed accurate? Is there a hidden "trip fee" usually ranging between $20-$50 just to come out and if you can get this quote in writing via email or in person before they begin?  Your three room carpet cleaning special for $99 could easily end of costing you $220 plus after all the hidden charges, trip fees and add-ons.  With Fresh Waves Carpet Cleaning everything we need to complete the carpet cleaning process is included in your price quote.