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Many believe steam cleaning or hot water extraction is the best carpet cleaning method available. Michael Hilton the original creator of Carpet Buyers Handbook states that studies have shown 99% of all dust mite allergens found in carpet is removed in one steam cleaning.



The hot water extraction method has numerous steps involved in the process. Between mixing chemicals, wand stroking techniques, and learning the proper method of holding the wand for maximum soil extraction, the hot water extraction method may appear to be the most difficult method to master.

Hot water extraction utilizes a push-pull stroke for effective carpet cleaning. The hot water sprayer is located on the rear of the extraction wand. When the rearward thrust is made hot water is injected into the carpet pile where it is extracted a split second later by the extraction cup. The forward stroke is used to remove excess moisture and any remaining soil. For heavily soiled areas continuous back and forth motions can be used to increase the temperature of the area to assist in soil removal. A smooth, effortless back and forth motion should be used for increased stamina and effective carpet cleaning. For faster drying and more effective carpet cleaning results, these procedures can be repeated without depressing the water injection lever. This will remove excessive moisture and additional soils.

The following procedures should be used for hot water extraction:

1 . Thoroughly vacuum the area to be cleaned using good vacuuming techniques.

2. Apply a quality pre-conditioner and allow ten to twenty minutes dwell time.

3. Agitate the area with manual or mechanical agitation for improved carpet cleaning results

4. Mix appropriate chemicals according to the manufacturers' recommendations. Increasing the concentration will not enhance carpet cleaning results.

5. Use appropriate wand stroking techniques.

Hot water extraction (HWE) or steam cleaning, as it is more popularly known, can be used on almost all types of carpet. This method utilizes the largest amount of carpet cleaning solution and the highest temperatures to effectively remove soil. A pre-conditioner should be applied to the fiber and allowed 10-20 minutes to loosen soil. Hot water extraction uses a pressurized water flow mixed with a detergent solution that is injected into the carpet pile. This hot water is instantaneously removed from the fiber using a powerful vacuum. Multiple passes may be used for improved carpet cleaning effectiveness. Normal drying time is 6-12 hours. The carpet should never be allowed to remain wet for more than 12 hours.
Advantage: The advantage of hot water extraction is that as very little or no chemical is used, it doesn’t leave any residue. This makes it safe for everyone, especially for those who are allergic to detergents and other chemicals.